Useful Tips for Your Winter Road Trip

Traveling in winter can be the best trip of your life, or one of the worst because not all of us face such a drastic climate change in the same way. Even more, worse is when you do not get the right car rental services for your trip. To avoid the worst, hire a car at rental24h.com.

Therefore, here are useful tips for your winter road trip to take into account when traveling in winter, and thus, make your adventure something incredible.

Wear special clothes for winter

One of the first things you should consider is clothing, as not wearing the right one can be a big problem. Do not forget to pack your warmest clothes, and bring extra money to buy winter clothes in your destination.

Plan your trip

When your destination is in winter it is better to plan your trip very well, as some destinations may be closed. At the same time, pay special attention to weather forecasts, because a snowstorm can damage all your plans.

Take your best attitude

When you are not accustomed to the cold, falling into depression because of the weather is normal, so to get used to the idea that the temperature will not affect your stay is vital to enjoying your trip. On the other hand, it is also advisable that you bring some objects to entertain you on days that are very cold and you can not leave.

Choose the destination according to your resistance to cold
If you want to enjoy the winter, but you have never been to one, we advise you to choose a destination where the winter does not arrive so strong. The places that are more to the north are where the cold is more intense, for that reason, countries like Canada and Russia are not advisable as the first winter destination. 

Do not forget the accessories to protect yourself from the cold

Out of a good coat, to travel to a destination in winter you must bring accessories that will complement your protection against the cold. Among them are gloves, winter boots, caps, warm socks and a lip protector to prevent your lips from drying out.

Taking the above tips into account, for sure your stay will be splendid. Just remember that winter is one of the most beautiful seasons, but not knowing how to take it can ruin your trip. Your trip will not be ruined when using car rental services from rental24h.com.

5 Beautiful Budget-Friendly Destinations In USA

The USA is one of the most captivating tourist destinations with millions of tourist flocking here every other year. There are numerous spots for tourist in the US. In fact, a week vacation to the USA is not enough to explore all it has to offer. When visiting the USA make sure you know the most important site and things that you should never miss. It’s rather easy to visit most of such places while using Firefly car rental reviews Denver If you don’t know the most favorite spots then you might end missing some of the biggest fun in the USA. 

Below Are Some 5 Beautiful Budget-Friendly Destinations In USA

1. Niagara Falls.

The world popular Niagara falls is found at the border of the US and Canada. It has beautiful views that can’t be compared to anything else anywhere. This fall is believed to have been formed at the end of the last ice age and is among the most powerful waterfalls around the globe, dumping close to 6M cubic feet of water over the edge per minute.

2. Death Valley National Park.

This is a land of extremes; Extreme geography, extreme heat, and extremely gorgeous vistas. While most popular for the eponymous Death Valley which among the driest desert found in Northern America, the nation park likewise boast snow-capped peaks and is a host to the Native American Timbisha Shoshone People.

3. The Grand Canyon.

This was carved out of the deserts some million years ago by the Colorado River and is regarded as the greatest natural wonder in the world. It attracts millions of tourist every other year who comes to witness this marveling beauty. You should make sure you also don’t miss out a chance to witness this natural wonder of the planet.

4. Mount McKinley.

Having an elevation of about 20,300 feet ( that is 6194m) mt McKinley is the tallest peak in North America and is the centerpiece of the Denali National Park In Alaska. The most suitable moment to visit by motorhome is amid the spring or the summer months when the chances of coming across a cropper in a snow drift are minimal. The temperature that goes as low as -73 have been recorded on this mounter amid winter.

5. Redwood National and State Parks.

This is situated to the northern Coast of California. It is an extraordinary national park that has reserved a zone of virgin redwood forests that once enclosed vast swatches of the western coast. Clear cut loggings devastated a greater part of it, however, this part still remains. Only about 4% of the old-growth redwood forests remain. Trees here are enormous measuring over 100m. 

The above are some of the most beautiful and yet budget-friendly spots to visit in the USA. Make sure that you don’t miss out any of these destinations the next time you visit The USA. You will notice that there is everything for everybody hence you will never run out of fun.

It is likewise a great idea to hire a vehicle while on your trip to the USA to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Top 5 Ideas For a Spring Vacation With The Family

Spring break is just around, and people are preparing for a vacation to enjoy it. It is also a good time for families to take a trip and spend time together. From sunny places on the beach to amusement parks, museums and library visits, there is a wide variety of affordable vacation options for families who want to spend a spring break, and they can hire a travel vehicle from 24 car rental.

Best places to visit during this spring

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Florida may be the most famous and famous southern state to visit on vacation, but this does not mean it is the only large beach destination on the Atlantic coast. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has all the sun, sand, fishing and the relaxed holiday in Florida, with the bonus of being less crowded and commercialized, and less likely to attract a spring break crowd that flows to Miami and Daytona every April. Myrtle Beach combines the best of friendly tourist attractions with a local style. In addition to the seafront and waterfront of Myrtle Beach and the Ripley Aquarium, families can enjoy several locally owned restaurants, fishing charters, and the Family Kingdom theme park.

Disneyland (Anaheim, California)

It may seem like a clear suggestion, but sometimes you cannot beat the classics. Disneyland is one of the most famous amusement parks in the world and remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for families. While Disney World Orlando may be larger, Disneyland is Disney’s original amusement park, and its location in Anaheim, California puts it within driving distance of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and other tourist destinations. Of California.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, located in Quebec, Canada, offers travelers the opportunity to experience the multicultural experience of the old city without having to leave North America. In addition to allowing visitors to enjoy European-style food and culture without crossing the Atlantic, Montreal also hosts such interesting destinations as the Biodium of Montreal, the Notre-Dame Cathedral and more.

Washington DC

As the capital of the United States, Washington DC is home to excellent tourist destinations such as the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives, and many museums and important cultural sites in the United States that are fun and educational. But more than that, many of these destinations are completely free or offer free private trips designed to allow visitors to experience as many of them as possible without breaking their budget.

Grand Canyon National Park (AZ)

For families who want to use their natural vacations, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most beautiful and natural attractions of the continental United States. Excursions to the Grand Canyon can include adventures, hikes and spectacular helicopter tours in the valley or a camp in the surrounding national park. Due to its location in the southwestern United States, the Grand Canyon in the spring is usually the home of temperate climate, which makes the outdoor adventure more pleasant and safe than in the coldest areas of the country.

If planning to have your vacation memorable, you can just rent a car from 24 car rental. The cars are cheap and luxurious that will make yourself happy and enjoy your spring vacation.

How to Plan Your Trip in 10 Steps

Every person likes traveling especially when they are on their holidays. Many people always travel due to different reasons. Some people travel when going for their honeymoons, others when enjoying their weekends, celebrations, others when attending their business meetings, and others when attending different adventurous activities, among others. Many people have got different reasons that make them rent a car 24 hrs. Since many people happen to travel all to attend to different business activities, it is essential for them to plan well before taking trips.

When you plan to have a trip that will be enjoyable, you must do many things which include, setting the traveling period, the place to visit, and also the things you must carry on your trip. When you decide to keep your information so accurate, then you are a step ahead in ensuring your trip is successful and comfortable. For the trips overseas, you should plan for any things and be so cautious to avoid having uncomfortable adventures.

What you need to handle the following when preparing for the trip

Place Identification

  1. You must identify your trip whether it is just for comfortability, or for adventuring. By knowing this, you will be restricted to only concentrate on preparing your trip basing on the type of the trip You will be making.
  2. You must prepare while you are well relaxed. You then need to know the climate that favors you well. Ask yourself if you like warm or cold weather for the trip.
  3. Identify your attractions. Do you love exploring places with many people like cities or you want cool and calm places?

Estimate The Needed Finances and used language

  1. You will be required to know the amount of money that the trip will cost. You should decide the places where you will stay while on your trip, that is, the cost of the lodges, haulage, food, among some more allied travel expenses
  2. Before you decide to start your trip, beware of all the costs that you will be required to have. These are like traveling and other miscellaneous expenses that may occur.
  3. You should know the main known language in the place you plan to go to. Knowing the language of the place you are visiting is very okay and will make your trip extremely adventurous.
  1. You have to set the right and a convenient time for your trip. The place you are going should be free of calamity at the time you need to go there. Avoid time like winter, hurricanes, and typhoons in places that are affected with such.
  2. You must determine all the essentials to be done. It might be tough work but will lead to a great trip.
  3. You have to remember the electronic dictionary, phrase books, or even all in case your destination requires a fluently spoken language.
  4. You must ensure you have all the needed documents for traveling like visa and passport to consider the trip successful.


Having the above steps well catered for consequently, you are ready to take your trip and have fun using rent a car 24 hrs.

America’s most luxurious travel destination and sightseeing tours

The United States is home to a number of fascinating cities and plenty of gateways for travel enthusiasts. From the renowned landscapes, booming cities to vocational hotspots; there’s something for everyone who wants to explore; the hidden treasures of beauty, upscale accommodations, stateside marvels, lavish spas and a variety of dining options. To access these places, all you need is a reliable means of transport such as a personal car or services from a local 24hr rental car company. Below is a compiled list of some of the most luxurious places you can visit in the United States.

Palm Springs California

Located in the heart of Sonoran desert of Southern California, Palm spring is a renowned weekend destination for travelers and fun lovers who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, exclusive scenery, and high-end accommodation. From the hot springs, golf courses, spas, stylish hotels to gardens and museums; this place is a haven of beauty and exception in and around the beautiful desert city.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a breathtaking Island in the Central Pacific that has become a major travel destination for both local and international travelers. A visit to this island offers a taste of nearly everything the Aloha State has to offer; from the impressive history & culture to the exceptional wildlife and fascinating beaches. A trip to Maui will have you explore the different culinary services and for once, you’ll view beauty from a different perspective.

New York City

This sounds ridiculous? Well- let’s break it down. New York isn’t only the trendiest city in the world. It’s home to some of the most luxurious theatres, hotels, shopping malls, iconic museums, and parks among other recreational hotspots. A week spent in this city can cost you the entire retirement package-but you probably don’t want to overspend. Some of the notable places to visit include; fifth street, Brooklyn Bridge, Metropolitan Museum, Central Park, Four Seasons, etc.

San Francisco

This is an adventurous city on the tip of Peninsula surrounded by San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The hilly city appeals to nature-seekers, foodies and the edgy globe-trotters with its neighborhoods, vibrant art scenes and serene natural landscapes. Some of the notable attraction sites include:

. Golden Gate Bridge

. Four Seasons

. Ferry Building Marketplace

. Golden Gate Park

Staying Stateside is more often, the best way to cut cost while traveling and vacationing. That said, domestic destinations aren’t all created equal especially when it comes to beauty, value, and expenses. If you’re looking forward to enjoying the best of travels across the U.S, choose a reliable 24hr rental car service provider that will take care of your needs. This way, you’ll enjoy the best of travel services without having to worry about your vehicle’s safety, packing, fueling, etc.

Top Tips For Travelling With Dogs

Dogs are our friends as well as part of our beloved family. It comes a time when you want your dog to accompany you when you are in a family vacation to make it more fun.  Thus, before going for the adventure, you should ensure everything is in order and your friend is fully prepared  for the  trip to avoid frustrations later.

However, to make your trip amazing and memorable, get 24 rent a car services to facilitate your movement from one place to another and observe privacy.  Thus, this article covers a few useful tips to help you have a successful trip with your dog.   

Test Drive

It’s  advisable to test  the waters before committing to take a long trip with your dog. Take at least two to four hours test drive and observe how the dog will react.  Confirm they are not getting anxious, agitated or motion sickness. If handling a short distance is difficult and you opt to go on the trip with your dog, prepare for a miserable situation. Just leave them home if handling a short distance is a task.   

Carry  Proper  Food and Medications

In case your family friend needs some specific medicines, ensure you have enough before the trip.   Don’t forget to carry much enough food to feed your dog for the whole trip and maybe some other few days in case the need be.  This will help you to avoid buying different food from the one your pet has been used to. If at all there is a specified diet, giving your dog a different food may cause stomach upset.

 Travel Bed

When travelling with your pet ensure they enjoy total comfort. Travel with their bed so they can have a comfortable place to rest and relax.  This will help your pet be more comfortable in your trip thus giving you an easy time on your adventures.   


Carrying a dog crate when travelling is vital. You will use the crate to confine your pet to a crate in the back seat.  However, crates are of great importance in helping the pet not to get into trouble at the home  of  your host or  in a hotel.

The number of factors to consider when travelling with your dog are endless. However, the tips elaborated above will help you have a successful trip with your pet.  But for your trip to be memorable, you have to be creative by getting travel services from 24 rent a car which will ensure you have a wonderful adventure.